‘Classroom Passes The Kids Test’

‘Classroom Passes The Kids Test’

Printed in Papakura/Manukau Courier, Wednesday March 12th 2003

A new bouncy castle makes its debut at this Sunday’s Round the Bays fun run.

The Fire Service plans to use the multi-purpose inflatable as a classroom to teach children about fire saftey at public events around Auckland.

Purpose-built for the Fire Service by 3-2-1 Events, the ‘Airbarn’ comes with three stand-alone sections that can be linked up; a foyer, theatrette and bouncy castle.

Fire Safety office George Stephens hopes children will be attracted into the brightly coloured barn to hear more fire safety messages.

“Once they’re inside our environment, we can carry out our lesson plan. Its just a continuation of all we’re trying to do to educate the public,” Mr Stephens says.

As a reward to taking part, children can enter a bouncy castle further inside, which is filled with smoke to teach children how to “get down, get low and get out” through escape chutes.

Mr Stephens spent eight months working on concept designs for the $26,000 classroom, funded by the New Zealand Communities Trust in association with the Counties Inn.

“Its cool. I like it. I can bounce on it,” Jacob Pearson of Clevedon Kindergartern says. The three year old put the new bouncy castle to the “kids test”.

Funds raised in the Round the Bays Fun Run this Sunday will also go towards promoting fire safety. The Mad Butcher-Suburban Newpapers Trust will buy 10,000 new smoke alarms for the Fire Service to install in homes throughout Auckland.

Please contact Geoff Pearson on 0800 224 722 or email airbarn@ihug.co.nz for more information.